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When Bond days him in Quantum of Define honeydicking he's in the page of meeting this to a Public agent. Define honeydicking The second wish ultimately made honeyvicking directors, although their are ended up better, he had a satchel of meeting on him. Melisandre matches this to get paced with restraining Gendry. Fast to Nosenko, a competitive KGB seductress lured exclusively the city's night watchman and another click distracted a guard dog by variety it meat. Wide Yuuen is useless at championship, his father figures that if Yuuen games to be a women he can assist Emba to give them some of the national he kills.

A variation of this can be seen in Japan, where a female scammer frames up a random Define honeydicking honneydicking the subway for doing The Chikanand asks for a lot of money in exchange for not telling the cops. It has Define honeydicking been used in espionage, where the trapper gains secrets from the trappee. While the Femme Fatale Spy archetype is well-known, men can take this role as well, such as the "Romeo" agents of the East German Stasi during the Cold Warsent to seduce the secretaries of West German ministers. Also the name of special computers made to appear as a desirable targets typically governments or large corporations ; used by cybercrime investigators for trapping playful hackers and crackers to learn their techniques.

Has nothing to do with actual honey If it's being honeydiccking by a policewoman to catch criminals, it's more Ddfine a Dirty Harriet. Not to be honeydidking with the Innocent Innuendo that is Agent Provocateur ; that job is actually very, very unsexy. Has nothing to do with literal honey traps for capturing wasps. To a lesser degree, Johan acts as one himself while disguised as his sister Anna. This group and the Knight Sabers, who were hired to protect Defime scientist, carry out their plans with various types of Room Disservice and a fake honeydickiny after a faked heart attack. Melissa Mao plays one early in Full Metal Panic! Sigma to capture a rogue Mithril agent. As par for course, Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei subverts this by introducing anime-obsessed fanboys boneydicking are so honeydlcking engrossed in their Defind for all things 2D that they are, in fact, immune to the 3D allure of Defime honey hineydicking.

Saki Miyajima in Durarara!! At the very beginning, Renzaburou had a very detailed honeydickinb hot honeydifking scene Defibe a beautiful High-Class Call Girl. It quickly became Homeydicking Disservice when the woman turned out to be not just a Dark Action Girl sent to kill him More exactly, a spider woman with Vagina Dentata and all. Renzaburou barely escapes with his life and she swears revenge, becoming a major antagonist honegdicking the movie. The Dirty Old Man working with Makie and Renzaburou is set up and almost killed by a beautiful prostitute who's actually a demon. It was a part of said old man's plantho.

Too bad she ends up falling for him instead. This honeydic,ing because Kurumu is noted to be very innocent, shy and chaste — as far as succubi go. The title character ofMylene Hoffmann akahoneyicking the rare protagonist version and might have been built with hoheydicking specific purpose in mind. The fact eDfine Mylene has machine Define honeydicking built into her breasts means that she can defend herself even honfydicking the target finds out and tries to turn the tables on her while she's naked and theoretically honyedicking.

In Wild Rockthe lakeside clan is getting all the wild game thanks to Embaleaving the eastern forest clan hard up for food. Since Yuuen is useless at hunting, Defins father figures that if Yuuen pretends to be a Ddfine he can convince Emba to Dwfine them some honwydicking the game he kills. Yuuen quickly feels guilty about the deception, but then it turns out he was doing a really poor job and Emba knew all along. This is Q-section's primary method of operation. Rina Mamiya from Higurashi: When They Cry helps her lover Teppei Hojou to swindle rich men off their money via having Rina seduce them, then start a chain of blackmailing and extortion.

When they target a certain Mr. Ryuugu to steal one million yen from him, though, Ryuugu's teenage daughter Rena decides to protect her father and herself from Rina's charms. Bloodilyif needed. This was Alessandro "Sandro" Rissi's job before he became a cyborg handler. As a result his colleagues tend to assume he's a Handsome Lech. Yumi Horikoshi from Detective Conan did this, threatening her ex-boyfriend Kazushi Nakanishi with sending R-rated photos of themselves taken in the past to his new girlfriend. And Kazushi got so pissed that he killed her. She invited Asshole Victim Ebara to her and her boyfriend's hotel room, spiked his drink, dressed him up as the Night Baron and threw him off the balcony.

A Rare Male Example is Shuichi Akai, who in the past was instructed by the FBI to strengthen his position as The Mole inside The Syndicate he had infiltrated by dating a membress who also was the older sister of one of said syndicate's top scientists. However, he ended up falling in love with the woman for real In either continuity they were in, they would first try to seduce or befriend their soon-to-be victims; when their targets rejected their advances, the Trio member at work would reveal himself as a villain and whip out the Mind Rape to try peeking into their victims's dreams.

In Stepping on RosesSoichiro married Sumi to set her up as one for his rival Nozomu, as well as to get his share of the family inheritance In a twist, Soichiro ended up falling for Sumi Shows up constantly in Great Teacher Onizuka. In this setting, it seems as if half of all teenage girls have tried at least once to get somebody in a compromising position, usually for money, and the attempts are usually successful. Taking that for granted, the series experiments with motivation and choice of target, from Mean Girls blackmailing equally shady adults to Urumi in her introduction staging a molestation scene and running for the police played for laughs; her victim's just very upset by this and she wasn't really trying to hurt him to vigilantes trying to see who they can convince to "cross the line" and become an acceptable target for physical brutalization.

Vice from the Orochi group not only attempts to seduce Kyo Kusanagi, but she does so while disguising herself as Kyo's girlfriend Yuki. It fails, however, as he soon realizes that a Tsundere like Yuki wouldn't throw herself at him in the circumstances they're in. Done in a slightly unusually way in Kamisama Kiss when Tomoe, a male Kitsunehas to distract Jirou. First he tries to get him drunk and when that fails he notices Jirou is attracted to the heroine Nanami and is very much in denial about it. And since Shapeshifting is one of Tomoe's powers She's also teaching a couple students her techniques. Subverted in Private Actress. Satoka tries to set a situation where it looks like she had sex with her handsome and much older co-star to get more publicity, but said co-star's Guile Hero of a daughter foils this attempt.

In Mushoku Tensei the Boreas Greyrats were interested in bringing Rudeus into their political battle and offered to let him do whatever he wanted with Eris. Eris' mother went so far as to dress her in a thin nightgown and send her to Rudeus' room with instructions to offer her body. Rudeus recognized the trap would be triggered if he and Eris ever had sex and did his best to be cautious. Sylphy's two attempts to bed Rudeus were very similar in nature to this, though the goal was simply for the two to develop a romantic relationship. The trap wouldn't have even been necessary if it weren't for Sylphy's timid nature and Rudeus misinterpreting the situation.

Played horrifically literally straight with Solution Epsilon from Overlord She plays the part of a voluptuous meido Innocent Fanservice Girl This is what Charlotte Pudding turned out to be in One Piece. As Big Mom's favorite daughtershe was sent by her Evil Matriarch mom to attract and marry the Vinsmoke family's Rebel Prince son Sanji so she could lure his family into entering an alliance that was a complete farce to begin withallowing Big Mom to murder all the Vinsmokes and the Straw Hats Red Wedding-style. It failed when Sanjidespite having realized her nature, told Pudding that her much-loathed Third Eye was beautifulcausing her a sobbing Villainous Breakdown.

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In Saber Rider and the Star SheriffsSaber Rider himself hit it off with a beautiful girl who turned out to be this. The Black Widow originally got her start as an Iron Man villain, sent by the Soviets to seduce him in order to learn his secrets. Daredevil has been on both sides of this fence with Typhoid Mary. First, she was sent by Kingpin to seduce and later kill him, and would have done so except her "good" personality fell for him legitimately. Later, Matt got closer to her good side and had sex with her, then had the cops take her away before she woke up in the morning. Blue Eyes from Sin City is a hired assassin that is used in this manner, although it seems that she could have been a more standard shoot-and-kill assassin but apparently really likes sex.

Laura has used Define honeydicking at least once. When her niece was kidnapped by a serial child-killer, Sarah Kinney snuck the teenaged Laura out of her cell on an unauthorized mission to look for her. Laura disguised herself as a girl scout to catch the killer's attention and distract him long enough to finish him off and rescue her cousin. While shaking down some old contacts from the Facility while helping Hellion locate Mercury, who had been kidnapped for experimentation, Laura is shown dressed rather provocatively after throwing one of her targets from a window. While not explicitly stated, it's certainly suggested this was the manner she used to get close enough to interrogate him.

He's a sucker for a beautiful woman, while at the same time being a natural charmer. The government of China produced a comic strip on April in which a young and pretty Chinese woman dates a foreigner who turns out to be a spy who convinces her to release government secrets to him. It was made to warn Chinese women on dating foreigners. Fan Works In The Fledgling YearGyneth is revealed to have been not only The Mole reporting back the The Conspiracybut also planning to seduce, marry, and eventually assassinate Archenland's crown prince.

A crossover fic between Buffy and Stargate eventually has a small school built in Colorado to train the newly activated slayers with an injured Willow acting as the headmistress. Eventually rumors begin circulating in the nearby town of a strange school near the Cheyenne Mountain base full of young attractive women with the most common theory being that it's a large scale Honey Trap school set up by the military. In Harry Potter and the Paradigm Shift Tonks commented that Occluding while wanking was a required Auror skill because they might be called upon occasionally to get information horizontally and it would be bad if their "lover" was a Legilimens.

Her intention is to point out to her girls that if you think the way to a client's heart, or indeed his kidneys, liver or jugular vein is through his stomach, then you are most assuredly aiming too high. The course was cancelled after several senior girls attempted to defect to the Seamstresses' Guild, and parents started complaining to the school management. A sub-plot in Hyperemisis Gravidarum concerns what happens when people belonging to the diplomatic communities of two Embassies, representing countries locked in a bitter state of mutual hostility, try the Honey Trap on each other simultaneously.

The two people involved decide they really like each other anyway and elect to have a damn good time, whilst the two Ambassadors collude in using it as an informal, reliable and mutually beneficial channel of communications for sharing the sort of information that would prevent their nations ending up in a bloody and ruinous war. She isn't and immediately chews him out for that accusation. Films — Animation Jin-Roh: Kei Amemiya is a former terrorist turned police informer, who poses as the sister of an adolescent suicide bomber encountered by the protagonist Fuse. Her controllers the Public Security Division intend to create a fake scandal to give them the excuse to disband Fuse's Special Unit, which has become a political embarrassment.

The above comment is initially spoken as a joke by a married member of the Israeli team who turns her down not realising it's literally true — the woman is a female assassin setting them up for murder. North By Northwest contains one who is also a Double Agent. The movie Traffic contains a homosexual Honey Trap as part of an elaborate drug scheme. Pirates of the Caribbean: Elizabeth Swan, where she thanks and kisses Jack Sparrow for coming back to save them. As they near a mast, she deliberately chains him; this is because the Kraken is after Jack only, so she decides that Jack be trapped and eaten instead of the entire crew.

In the London Chase SceneJack takes cover inside a wealthy older lady's carriage, and immediately leans over to smooch her behind the ear before resuming his escape. She's apparently not displeased by this event The seemingly sweet and innocent female lead turned out to be this in the Plot Twist for the film Derailed. The martian who dresses as a woman to get into the White House in Mars Attacks! The James Bond franchise has had a few of these, including Bond doing it himself on a couple of occasions. While Tatiana in the above example drove the plot of the movie, Xenia Onatopp in GoldenEye is this, as she is actually seen killing a man during sex so that her collaborators could steal his ID.

Xenia also tries to do the same to Bond himself later on, and he almost falls for it, if not for the fact that when she slaps her thighs around him toward the end of the fight, it seems to knock some sense into Bond after all, Bond had discovered the body of the last unlucky person to get a good squeeze from Xenia. A more prominent example would be Vesper's boyfriend, whose entire job is this. He seduces female agents and gets them to fall in love with him. When Bond catches him in Quantum of Solace he's in the process of doing this to a Canadian agent.

Catherine Trammell in Basic Instinct arguably does this. Used repeatedly in The Good Shepherd. By nearly every woman in the entire movie! CIA agent Elise Kraft is asked by her Arab informer whether she's sleeping with him as part of this trope. She jokes that she had to get special permission from her superiors first. Bordello of Blood is a movie about a brothel, run by female vampires who eat their clients. In the little known film The Insurgents, a group of disillusioned Americans prepare to detonate a truck bomb in order to spark a revolution.

In need of a driver for the truck, they set the one female of the group as the Honey Trap. The guy they find later turns out to have been a Honey Trap himself, sent by a government agency to infiltrate the group. This is part of O'Ren's backstory in Kill Bill. Noticeably, it happened when she was eleven Before he could bone her, O-ren stabs him to death with his own katanabitterly telling him to look at her face and realize her identity before he dies. She then pulls the sword out of the Dirty Old Man 's stomach and gets smeared with his bloodtakes his gun, kills two of his bodyguards and escapes.

Mae Monroe in The Specialist acts as a honeytrap while seeking revenge for the murder of her parents. The title character in Foxy Brown uses this trick on more than one occasion. Notable in that she honey trapped both of the Joneses. She was only partly successful in the case of the elder Dr. Jones, in that he slept with her, but did not, as he pointed out to his son, trust her it helped that she talks in her sleep. Indy, on the other hand, fell for it hook, line, and sinker. An American naval officer trained to become a doppelganger of terrorist Carlos the Jackal finds that his assignment involves sleeping with Carlos' ex-girlfriend.

X-Men United Mystique seduces one of the guards from Magneto's Tailor-Made Prisonthen roofies him so she can inject him with an iron solution that Magneto uses to escape. Emma Frost does this with the Russian general in X-Men: Several instances in Bad Company about a corporate espionage team that uses blackmail to gather information. In one instance they barge in waving a video camera on a middle-aged man having sex with a younger woman. She volunteered her services to MI6 while living with her husband in Warsaw in Following this, she learned from another Polish official that some Polish Mathematicians had started cracking the German Enigma Ciphers.

Later, in Czechoslovakiashe discovered the German plans to invade Czechoslovakia. After a colorless stint of boredom at a posting in SantiagoChilePack separated from her husband and went to New York City inwhen William Stephensonthen an MI6 Chief of Station, contacted her and asked her to infiltrate embassies in Washington, D. Realizing her motivation was a lust for danger and excitement, Stephenson gave her the code name Cynthia, after a long-lost love. Pack then seduced the chief of station for Italian military intelligence and acquired the Italian navy cipher. In a near six-hour night burglary operation, Pack and Brousse let an OSS safecracker into the embassy to carry away the Vichy code books for photographing, and at one point Pack undressed to cover for the operation by deceiving a suspicious night guard.

After the operation for the Vichy codes, Pack retired from espionage because she fell in love with Brousse. The KGB tried to blackmail Courtney into ending his Parliamentary tirades, though he refused, and they circulated the pictures to other members of parliament and business associates. Furthermore, Private Eyea London satirical journal, obtained the photos and published them. Courtney lost his seat in the following election. While Dejean was with Larissa, her pretend husband returned home, as staged, from a geological expedition in Siberia, and beat Dejean, but allowed him to leave upon Larissa's pleading. Dejean went to a Soviet friend, who unbeknownst to him worked for the KGB, to quiet the affair.

The Soviets took no immediate action, but preferred to hold their operation as leverage just in case to keep the French ambassador within their sway.

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