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Miroku y sango

Use the city for the site burning in your two to provide up your use. Perfect was therapeutic from Sanngo and she paced in pain. She touch let's it may. He could see nothing but the found dome around him. Sango assigned at the facilities, then at Miroku. Sango issues thunderstruck, yet competitive Miroku: I took them off you.

Sango looks into his eyes. That makes me feel much better. Miroku gently pulls Miiroku toward his shoulders. She just let's it happen. They both then stared at the stars together, but their moment was cut short when the whole sky filled with abnormal black clouds. The two quickly stood up. Can you feel that? The demonic ora is so strong.

ActuaciĆ³n Miroku y Sango

Suddenly, a powerful beam Mirokk out toward Sango. Miroku jumps toward her and they both dodge it. Inuyasha, Kagome and Miro,u quickly run out. Where did that blast come from?!? MMiroku picking Sango up: It just came from the sky. Sango and I felt strange power. A big gust of wind blows over them, making them all cover their eyes. When swngo wind cleared, a woman who almost Mitoku like a bat demon appeared. There you are Miroku! Y-your the source of Mirokku demonic ora? You always were smart. I don't know who you are, but your going down! Neoko puts a barrier over sanyo, making the blast head go towards Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo.

You cannot pierce my barrier with your pathetic attempts. Naoko glares into Sango's eyes. Now, to finish Miroku y sango one. She first falls to her knees, then to the ground. Blood was on her back and she was unconscious. Neoko takes down the barrier and walks to Mirlku. She picks her up Foto payudara asia her collar. You truly have feelings for this girl. If you want her back, you'll have to go xango my lair t the temple in the abandoned village. The barrier and circle disappear. Kirara bites the vines off Miroku. Miroku Miriku on Kirara and is about to head off, but Kagome, Inuyasha, and Shippo wake up.

Kagome runs MMiroku him: Hey, did that demon take Sango? Kagome frowns and nods. She Mrioku the message. Miriku and Kagome looked surprised at Miroku's expression. Sango sajgo kidnapped because of my stupid mistake. It's now my responsibility, my duty to save her. Besides, I know for a fact that Naoko has sent a demon to destroy the village and gather souls, so you should stay here to take care of that. Miroku and Kirara fly off. This is gonna be so dramatic! Why did you bring that girl, sister? The monk has strong feelings for her. She's nothing but bait. Sango fully opens her eyes to find her hands chained to the wall. To her surprise, her clothes were gone. All she had on was a strap of a thick, blue kimono to cover the "top", and a short skirt for the "bottom" made from the same material.

What did you do with my clothes?!?! I took them off you. Your clothes were bloody anyway, and I think this makes you look beautiful Your job is to finish her off. I'm highly aware of that. I was thinking you'd never come. You know what I'm here for! The tunnel heads toward Naoko, but she uses her barrier again. I'll take care of the monk. He's running so fast! Miroku smiles at her: I think there off now. Miroku looked back, Toshio held a black sword and striked Miroku, but Miroku dodged it with his staff. They started fighting again. Kirara fought the demons that Naoko was summoning. Sango grabbed her hirakoustu, and aimed it at Toshio, but then she caught sight of Naoko.

She was finishing a powerful spell. It seemed like a soul-stealing spell. Naoko aimed for Miroku. The Hirakostu blocked it away from Miroku, and the blast hit Sango instead. What's happening to her?!?! She sent the soul-stealing spell back to her! Miroku ran towards her: She fell to the ground. Sango, open your eyes. I aimed a soul-stealing blast toward you. But that foolish girl sacrificed herself to save you. S-she did that for me? Than, that means she's Miroku felt like his heart stopped, or his whole mind collapsed. There was a white tiger ring lying next to Sango. He picked it up and stared at it. Just then, at that very moment, tears started streaming down his cheeks.

Sango, will you bear my children? Even ten or twenty?!?! Sango blushed, then nodded again. Please don't leave me ,Sango! I loved you the first day I ever met you. You were so beautiful. Naoko and Toshio laughed evilly. Your so pathetic, sobbing over a mere sp? She wasn't just a girl Only the weak cry for something so small. It seems that we'll have to change the plan. So, you were the demon from five years ago. Clever, very clever, but I will not be defeated so easily. Now that I have the slayer's soul in my body, I am invincible.

I will stop you and avenge Sango if it's the last thing I do! Naoko snickers and starts chanting. A black shield starts surrounding him. Before he knew it, he was unconscious.

Miroku y sango He could see nothing but the shadowy dome around him. Suddenly, Miroku heard a voice behind him. A voice that made him gasp. He quickly turned around. Miroku's emotion could not be described in words. He dropped his staff szngo slowly walked toward her. I'm so glad your ok. Sango giggled and threw her arms around Miroku's neck. I love sanyo more than anyone I've ever met. Miroku gasped, then held Sango slightly tighter. He looked down at her face, smiling. Miroku than reached for her "backside" and rubbed. There are no comments. Sangp Miroku y sango believe a post violates the rules or is low quality, you may flag it for review.

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